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ColorConsulting Worldwide distributor of Alwan PrintStandardizer

Alwan Color Expertise appoints ColorConsulting as Worldwide distributor of Alwan PrintStandardizer

CarloCarnelli & ElieKhoury

Lyon, January 20, 2023. At times when many are wondering what the future of print will be, others are putting their experience and energy into helping the print industry become more attractive than ever before. Today, after twelve years and hundreds of successful implementations of ISO 12647 and G7® standards that have transformed the print industry around the globe, Alwan Color Expertise decided to entrust ColorConsulting, its most successful distributor, to maintain and grow this success by promoting, selling and supporting Alwan PrintStandardizer worldwide, starting February 2023.

Elie Khoury, founder and President of Alwan Color Expertise explains his choice: “For the last 20 years, Alwan has been helping printers and print buyers work to ISO and G7® standards to improve their communication, the quality of their products and increase customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to help them understand the requirements and the benefits of standards and provide them with solutions that enable them to implement these standards in their production workflow. With the emergence of new printing applications, technologies and standards, it became clear to me that more energy and presence were needed to help all these industries evolve to meet new production and quality standards. Knowing how ColorConsulting successfully helped the Italian print industry with many certified printers to date, the choice was quite obvious. I am convinced that ColorConsulting’s experience and energy will enable them to be very successful as the worldwide distributor of Alwan PrintStandardizer to the great benefit of the printing industry”.

Carlo Carnelli CEO of ColorConsulting is thrilled by this new challenge and opportunity: “At ColorConsulting we are very excited to be joining forces with Alwan Color Expertise and distributing Alwan PrintStandardizer worldwide through the growing distribution network of our ColorSoftware suite solution. Being Alwan distributors in Italy for years, we were able to bring printers that had no process control at all to match ISO standards in production and get certified thanks to this best-in-class press calibration and monitoring solution. What is great about PrintStandardizer is that once installed, it does not require any manual intervention from press operators; press curves are updated and applied in prepress with virtually no human intervention, no maintenance, no technical support, and 100% customer satisfaction. This is the only solution that is able to maintain your printing process in accordance with ISO and G7® standards with every shift, for every job, and every day.  Great product!

About Print Standardizer –

Alwan PrintStandardizer (APS) is a unique process control server with exclusive technologies allowing you to print stable and consistent colors conforming to standards, no matter what printing process and how many devices you use. APS is the first process control system to receive ISO 12647 and G7® certifications shortly after its release in 2008. This is a guarantee that any sheet and job that passes APS assessment will pass any customer or third-party audit.

About Alwan Color Expertise –

Alwan Color Expertise was founded in Lyon, France, in 1997 by the current President Elie Khoury. His vision – to demonstrate how important standardizing and controlling color is throughout every stage of production – has resulted in the company becoming a world leader in standardization and color management implementation. Today, Alwan provides software and consultancy to key players throughout the graphic arts industry, printers, publishers, software developers and hardware manufacturers.

For more information, please contact:

Charlélie Chavot


Phone: (+33) 4 72 16 08 82

About ColorConsulting –,

Colorconsulting srl is an Italian company, recognized worldwide, that since 2001 has been dealing with training and consultancy for the correct management of color and inks in the graphic industry. The company implements Brand Color Consistency guidelines and supports printing companies throughout the entire color workflow, from design to the final print production. The software development division, which completes the company’s offering portfolio, is specialized in creating integrated solutions that simplify the management of color and ink quality.

For more information, please contact:

Sara Robustellini


Phone: +39 02 960 85 91