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Autura Ink Software

Ink Innovation Begins with Autura Ink. Accelerate your ink development with Autura Ink, a comprehensive ink formulation and quality control solution for ink suppliers, printers, and converters. As a cloud-based platform, Autura Ink can be accessed from anywhere and provides a single platform for all formulation, storage, approval, retrieval, and quality control needs for offset, flexo, gravure, and screen-printing inks.

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Additional Information
Autura ink software

Quickly Identify Ink Color Variations
Every minute a press is down due to mismatched color leads to lost profits. With integrated BestMatch, operators can now confidently determine if a color can be attained by modifying film thickness, viscosity, or press settings, or if the ink recipe needs adjustment. This helps restore press performance swiftly, minimizing downtime.

Avoid Press Downtime
If the on-press color fails to meet specification, Autura’s Quick Correction feature facilitates the necessary ink formula additions to ensure that the press gets back on color to resume operations quickly.

Create Error-Proof Ink Formulation Templates
Autura Ink streamlines staff onboarding and reduces the risk of costly mistakes. Users can set up formulation templates with predetermined settings tailored to specific customer use cases. This enhances repeatability and productivity so that the full team can efficiently handle diverse formulation requirements.