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eXact 2 Xp

Exact colors on flexible films and unique substrates

eXact 2 Xp offers all the capabilities of eXact 2 with the added ability to measure CMYK and spot colors on flexible films, plastics, foils with opaque white, and other specific substrates.

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Additional Information
eXact 2 xp

Includes all the features of eXact 2

On par with eXact 2, eXact Xp also offers Mantis™ (a first in the market) and Digital Loupe technologies. Using the same “two clicks to the max” intelligent touch screen interface, this can quickly gather color data, present visual elements on screen, and connect via Wi-Fi with ink formulation and quality control software to simplify color workflows. The built-in NetProfiler, a blend of software and color standards, identifies and corrects color drift, ensuring consistency between devices.

Support for polyester substrates, films and foils

eXact 2 Xp simplifies the measurement of substrates such as film, polyester and foils with opaque white support. The polarized filter ensures uniform measurements regardless of the orientation of the device with respect to the sample.

Integrated ink and print workflow

Rapid collection and visualization of color data to immediately find the information you need when you need it. All eXact 2 models offer integrated on-screen quality control capabilities and simplified ink workflows. Faster and more secure procedures throughout the plant with built-in Wi-Fi. This instrument is perfect for polarized substrates, such as film, polyester and foils with opaque white.