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eXact Advanced

eXact Advanced is the top-of-the-line spectrophotometer in x-rite’s eXact family. It supports industry color standards (G7, ISO, PSO and Japan Color) to improve control of the printing process. eXact Advanced includes the original digital Pantone libraries, allowing you to keep up with the new colors released by Pantone. Its ease of use and speed allow you to obtain density data, accurate spectral values, and evaluate the phenomenon of metamerism. eXact can measure in a single pass under four conditions: M0, M1, M2, and M3 and supports the main ∆E methods (DeltaE *76, DeltaE *94, DeltaE *00, DeltaE CMC). You can keep an eye on your spectrophotometers through NetProfiler, a cloud-based solution that integrates software and color standards to verify and optimize the performance of color measurement devices, reducing divergence between instruments.

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Additional Information
exact advanced

    1. eXact advanced supports all industry printing standards: G7, ISO, PSO and Japan Color.
    2. BestMatch function: suggests how to get the best possible match with a specific target by adjusting the ink on press.
    3. Best support for spot colors: the instrument offers the ability to create and manage color standards and libraries directly from the device. It also offers direct access to the latest Pantone libraries.
    4. Automatic calibration using white ceramic protection plate: Protects the instrument from pressroom dust at all times.
    5. Efficiency and speed in measuring ink reproduction.