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eXact Basic Plus

Need a device to measure all aspects of four-color (CMYK) in the pressroom? eXact Basic Plus is the advanced densitometer for you. Designed specifically to enable operators to measure and compare densities detected in production with standards. It automatically detects color and patch type. eXact Basic Plus is the ideal tool for efficient densitometric control, reduces density measurement time, and helps you improve printing accuracy.

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Additional Information
exact basic plus

    1. A wide variety of features for densitometric color control: the instrument can check offset printing plates, denier trend, dot gain, print curves, trapping, contrast, and more
    2. Easy to use, secure and customizable: eXact Basic Plus includes advanced security features through password protection of settings
    3. Available with different apertures: Offers four different aperture sizes to suit your needs (1.5, 2, 4, 6 mm) to enable you to best measure density
    4. Improved measurement speed: Simultaneously measures four M conditions (M0, M1, M2 and M3) in less than one second in spot mode
    5. Automatic calibration by white ceramic protection plate: Protects the from pressroom dust