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brand color

In recent years, packaging has become a strategic tool that allows brand owners to communicate with consumers directly during the critical stage of purchase choice, this has driven the industry toward an increasing focus on packaging design and color innovation. To ensure the effectiveness of this approach, colors must be consistently consistent and repeatable across the product line and the entire global supply chain with documented quality data to prove it.


what can we do for you?

ColorConsulting is the leading Color Definition, Evaluation and Measurement Company. We will provide you with winning resources by teaching you best practices for workflow and color management that can ensure better visibility and repeatability of your brand.

Properly defining color is the essential element in Brand Color Consistency. Translating marketing needs into useful process information is the first element of a proper strategy.


Proper color communication is necessary to establish the trait d’union between corporate marketing and the entire production chain-all for a repeatable and consistent result.


To jointly create supply specifications to meet the quality requirements of the brand and at the same time take into consideration the technological characteristics of production.


Juxtaposing the visual evaluation of one’s product with instrumental measurement is the bet that all brands must take to move to an objective assessment of production.


Our collaboration with all ink manufacturers allows us to ensure that spot color management is always done in relation to security specifications and brand quality requirements.


Being able to have statistical analysis of productions makes it possible to evaluate the production performance of converters and improve decision-making and purchasing processes.


the advantages of having an optimized workflow?

Enhanced control

The color of your brand should be uniform, whatever communication media you use. To excel in a crowded retail environment, Brand Owners are constantly expanding the colors of packaging to be placed on shelves and display materials. Because these materials are often designed and produced in different locations, using different substrates, it is critical to have reliable and versatile color standards that are clear and applicable throughout the supply chain-this is where Brand Color Consistency comes in.

Increased recognizability

A brand is recognizable through its logo and especially through its color. With the integration of color standards and substrate data into software and measurement tools, it is now possible to have uniform digital standards throughout the production chain. These are key tools for Brand Owners, essential for ensuring ever higher and demonstrable quality standards.

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