Why working with us - ColorConsulting
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How may we help you
with your color consistency?

Analysis & strategies

What's your current color consistency? What are your color aims?

Consulting proposal

Which solutions can help you grow in color management?

Color goals & benefits

The final scope of the project, measurable results!

Key drivers of our services


We are consultants who know and work with your suppliers, like Print houses, ink manufacturers, repro…


We are experienced color technicians and are members of major trade associations and part of the ISO/TC 130 team, like ISO, Fogra, Idealliance, FTA…


We are a software house that can create custom-made solutions, like ColorTrack, InkWeigh, ColorAnalytics, HDCC…

State of the art analysis of
your color & ink workflow

Color consistency consulting proposal

Training & consultancy to create your specific color management solution
internal training

Color management technical knowledge


Creation of your color guideline, custom profiles, color cards,…

suppliers training

For a correct implementation of the color guide rules


Support during supplier’s audits

Hardware & Software

Supply or development of the necessary tools


Best practice to maintain the result obtained

Why working with us?

Why working with us

Goals & benefits achievable

The final scope of the project, measurable results!

Harmonized appearance of your packaging on the shelf within and between countries


Common approach toward your suppliers improving their quality and reducing color claims


Common procedure, creation of  a specific method to manage & control the packaging color consistency


Speed up time to market from creativity to press, and from makeready to production, cost & time saving