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Ciani Artigrafiche – Case History

Ciani graphic arts has been providing high-end digital and offset printing services for more than 40 years. Learn how the implementation of eXact Auto-Scan has helped them make quality a standard rather than a goal. Here’s the interview from the live voice of those in charge.

Marco Ciani co-owner of Ciani Artigrafiche introduces us to the company:

“We are a lithographic company with over 40 years of experience.


We operate mainly in the furniture and fashion sectors; where we have carved a niche for medium to high quality printed matter. In addition to printing, we have always focused heavily on the graphics department, which is optimally managed by my brother Edoardo.”

What made the company decide to implement the eXact Auto-Scan solution? What issues did you feel were most important?

Edoardo Ciani, co-owner:


“For many years Quality control was done with the use of manual instrumentation, which was subjective anyway. We realized that we were paying for it both in terms of economics, with very long start-ups, and in terms of quality, more precisely in the consistency of print runs. As soon as ColorConsulting and Kolor+Service informed us about the release of the new eXact Auto-Scan system, we knew it could be right for us.”

What benefits have you experienced since the implementation?



Marco Ciani:
“I would say that the fact that we firmly believed in the product, thanks to the support of Kolor+Service in the purchasing phase and ColorConsulting in the installation and training phase, was a winning move. For us now, quality is not a goal but a standard. The operator is no longer dedicated to manually measuring densities and color and can then think about preparing the next job and controlling the sheet in terms of quality.”

How has startup time changed since implementation?



Edoardo Ciani:
“The savings in makeready time was immediately evident. The system implements the opening of the inkwells directly from the file coming from prepress, which is commonly known as CIP3. The operator then only has to think about mounting the plates and making a first run to check the register. The second run can already be considered 90% ready for production. We can say that the saving in terms of time has been 50%. We have cut our makeready time in half.”

Have you already seen savings on the material used for startups?



Marco Ciani:
“It is natural that the consequence of improved time is a clear decrease in waste. From our management system we have been able to see that from an average of 250 sheets/startup we have come down to 140 sheets/startup. Consider that we average 10 startups in a day;
I’ll leave the rest of the calculation to you.”

In conclusion, eXact Auto-Scan and ColorConsulting’s consulting enabled Ciani Artigrafiche to generate a superior product while saving time and money,
what are you waiting for? Contact us to implement the solution at your company,

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