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Intellipress base with eXact AutoScan

Intellipress BASE with eXact Auto-Scan from X-Rite is a versatile automatic color control scale scanning solution that allows color to be measured on the entire sheet in seconds. Intellipress BASE allows connection to any press (Heidelberg, Roland, KBA, Komori, Mitsubishi, RGM, Ryoby, Shinoara), to perform ClosedLoop even on older presses, and to fully manage presetting via CIP3 or PPF files, thus optimizing makeready time.

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Additional Information
Intellipress BASE with eXact AutoScan

Advantages of the machine integration solution
    1. Efficient inkwell openings: Proper management of CIP3 during machine startup, promotes fast startups.
    2. Self-learning by paper type: The system learns and improves through the history of saves made for each paper type, adjusts inkwell opening curves by printing groups, by inkwell screws, optimizing CIP3.
    3. Preview: Preview allows you to optimize inkwells for inking even before you start printing.
    4. Automatic measurement and correction: Automatic correction, thanks to the ClosedLoop system, allows the same quality level to be maintained throughout production.
Advantages of the eXact AutoScan instrument
    1. Completeness: The only instrument on the market capable of capturing M0 M1 M2 and M3 measurements in one automatic scanning pass.
    2. Versatility and extraordinary speed: Instrument suitable for printing presses from 35x50cm to 70×100, capable of measuring color scales of 5 mm, even when embedded in the image; measurement of a 100 cm color bar in less than 10 seconds, with acquisition of density, CIELAB values, dot enlargement and more.