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discover colorsoftware suite

The solution allows you to automate achieving absolute color matching between presses, between shifts, and between plants.
ColorTrack QualityTrack

A new software solution for managing the entire color workflow: not just quality control and color analysis, but concrete actions for ink correction and optimization...

ColorTrack InkCorrection

It completes the management of the entire print color workflow by integrating with the formulation software database and enabling print-side ink correction...


The software examines the data collected during print production for one or more jobs simultaneously and in detail, checking the number of corrections made and the...


InkWeigh is a complete ink management solution that allows you to weigh the initial recipe quickly, easily and accurately, in the color kitchen or at the machine...

InkWeigh Traceability

Allows the loading of incoming materials by specifying production batches and keeps track of them by prohibiting their use if the source is not specified...

InkWeigh Leftover

Enables proper management of machine returns by tracking returned ink & making it available for the InkWeigh system. The module uses technology unique in the market...


Why choose
Colorsoftware suite?


Save make ready time


Check your print quality


Manage your ink

alwan software

25 years of color management and process control experience to provide the most innovative G7®, ISO, and multicolor solutions.

Alwan PrintStandardizer is a unique process control server with exclusive technologies allowing you to print stable and consistent colors conforming to standards...


Alwan ToolBox is a desktop application offering many useful color management and productivity tools. Measure control strips and test charts, export measurement...


Made for images and PDF files color separation and ink optimization, Alwan ColorHub allows you to print accurate and predictable colors, no matter what input...

Why choose
alwan software?


Improve color match & save ink


Manage & create your profile


Print stable & uniform colors

discover x-rite solutions

World leader in color science, technology and trends provides comprehensive color management solutions
eXact 2

Available in three models, eXact 2 reinvents color measurement by providing more accuracy and speed, unparalleled zoom and non-contact video measurement...

InkFormulation Software

X-rite’s InkFormulation software provides a solution for fast, accurate and repeatable color formulation. It enables the creation, storage, approval and....

Autura Ink

As a cloud-based platform, Autura Ink can be accessed from anywhere and provides a single platform for all formulation, storage, approval, retrieval, and quality...


Why choose
x-rite solutions?

eXact 2

Quick and accurate 45°/0° measurement


The high-performance portable sphere spectrophotometer


Accurate and consistent ink formulation


Cloud based ink formulation