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Intellipress pro with IntelliTrax

Intellipress PRO with IntelliTrax is X-Rite’s scanning system for advanced, automated on-press color control management. Intellipress PRO automatically scans the color bar of a typical press sheet in less than 15 seconds with the ability to measure special colors, PANTONE┬« colors, non-CMYK colors and paper color. Intellipress PRO enables connection to any printing press (Heidelberg, Roland, KBA, Komori, Mitsubishi, RGM, Ryoby, Shinoara), allows closed loop even on older presses, allowing Presetting to be fully managed via CIP3 or PPF files, thus optimizing makeready time.

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Additional Information
Intellipress pro with IntelliTrax

Advantages of the machine integration solution
    1. Efficient inkwell openings: Proper management of CIP3 during machine startup, promotes fast startups.
    2. Self-learning by paper type: The system learns and improves through the history of saves made for each paper type, adjusts inkwell opening curves by printing groups, by inkwell screws, optimizing CIP3.
    3. Preview: Preview allows you to optimize inkwells for inking even before you start printing.
    4. Automatic measurement and correction: Automatic correction, thanks to the ClosedLoop system, allows the same quality level to be maintained throughout production.
Advantages of the IntelliTrax tool
    1. Faster preparation: no manual operation to start the measurement. The sheet does not have to be centered or aligned, but the position of the bar will be automatically detected thanks to the “look ahead” sensor, the paper blank integrated in the color bar is automatically read and considered in the measurements.
    2. Improved quality control: with the BestMatch® function, the tool provides immediate indication of the correct print density to achieve the best color match.
    3. Detailed results reports: ISO-compliant production reports to analyze whether printing is correct and monitor all productions
    4. “Look-ahead” sensor: IntelliTrax’s scan head incorporates advanced imaging technology, allowing it to orient itself while reading. As the scanhead moves, it is automatically adjusted to locate the color bar; this operation leads to significant time savings.